Differently Abled

by eslobrown on November 30, -0001

In Other Words: Handicappped Or Disabled

Discuss this euphemism in the comments below.

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  • Sandi22240

    DIS ABLE is not being able. That is not true so differently able is a better word.

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  • Warkentinbrent

    I agree just because a person is different doesn’t make them disabled for that is too strong a word I would prefer the term differently abled or non-ability because if a person can’t do a task at one point of his or her life this doesn’t mean they won’t be able to do that same task later in life.

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  • misprint: Handicapped 

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  • Thelathaa

    Etymology & Usage

    word euphemism comes from the Greek word
    ευφημία (euphemia), meaning “the use of words of good omen”,
    which in turn is derived from the Greek root-words eu (ευ), “good/well” +pheme (φήμι) “speech/speaking”.
    The eupheme was originally a word or phrase used
    in place of a religious word or phrase that should not be spoken aloud;

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